Thursday, June 22, 2006

Matatu Fare Increase

Fuel has increase from about 77 KES to 81 KES (worst case a 4 bob). This represents a

~ 5.2% increase in fuel.

Means that Matatu/PSVs have 5.2% increase in expenses.

Cost of transport from Kawangware via City Hoppa at Peak time was 30 bob at peak times.

According to my maths.. to cushion themselves against the increase in fuel price. PSVs should increase fairs by 5.2%. This means that the new fare should be 31.56 bob.

So when the matatu guys say that they want to increase fare to 40bob let alone 35bob, i see them as being rather callous and greedy.

But then i don't own a Ma3 so perhaps i don't understand how the business is run.

But the thing is that there are people in Kenya who are not able to pay more for transport. an increase of 20bob for a days expenses is not comfortable or acceptable for a good number of kenyans

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Anonymous said...
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Kabinti said...

ditto anon!